1. Base Reference Document

OpenAxiom is a descendent of the AXIOM computer algebra system as described by Richard Jenks and Robert Sutor in AXIOM: The Scientific Computation System. That book is the base reference document for OpenAxiom.

2. Changes From The Base Document

2.1. OpenAxiom-1.4.0

This release introduces the following changes from the base document

2.1.1 Interpreter

2.1.2. Compiler

2.1.3. Algebra

In addition to novelties in OpenAxiom-1.3.0, the following types have been added to OpenAxiom-1.4.0:

2.1.4. Boot

Boot, the programming language used to write the OpenAxiom compiler, has been vastly improved. Lisp codes are being phased out.

2.2. OpenAxiom-1.4.1

2.2.1. Algebra

The domain ScriptFormulaFormat and the package ScriptFormulaFormat1 have been removed.

2.3. OpenAxiom-1.4.2

2.3.1. Algebra

2.3.2. Compiler