OpenAxiom Mailing Lists

The OpenAxiom project has many mailing lists, archived on the web.

open-axiom-announce (subscribe/unsubscribe)
a read-only list where we send announcements about releases or other important events.
open-axiom-help (subscribe/unsubscribe)
a list for people interested in using or building OpenAxiom.
open-axiom-devel (subscribe/unsubscribe)
a list for development discussions about OpenAxiom.
open-axiom-bugs (subscribe/unsubscribe)
a list for bug reports and feature requests.
open-axiom-patches (subscribe/unsubscribe)
a list for patch submissions and discussion of particular patches. All patches and all discussion of particular patch should be sent to this list.
open-axiom-commit (subscribe/unsubscribe)
a read-only list which tracks checkins to the OpenAxiom SVN repository.
open-axiom-tests (subscribe/unsubscribe)
a list where test results of the OpenAxiom testsuites are posted.